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Each year, Viet Fashion Week selects a charity to donate a portion of their proceeds.

In 2013, we collaborated with the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce, and portions of sponsorships have gone to Viet Foundation, a nonprofit 501c(3) to provide educational scholarships to underprivileged Vietnamese students. If you wish to make a donation, please visit







In 2015, we have donated to Leyna Nguyen’s Love Across the Ocean charity, a nonprofit 501c(3) to “Help Children Learn, Bettering Families’ Lives, and Showing the World Love.”

Love Across the Ocean started with one person, then spread to a small circle of friends and family. Today, we’re lucky to have the support of people, young and old, from all over the world, as well as celebrities who who help make our events FUN! We’re still a small organization with no paid employees. We all volunteer our time and efforts to carry out LATO’s mission. There is no office, no fancy brochures, and so basically–no overhead! This means more money goes to the people who need it. LATO does not work in conjunction with any governmental agency in Vietnam or the U.S., although we occasionally work with other non-profits to further our causes. So if you’ve got love to give, we’ll help you spread it!educational scholarships to underprivileged Vietnamese students. If you wish to make a donation, please visit




This year, in 2016, our charity of choice is Senhoa. Senhoa has always supported Viet Fashion Week since 2013 and have provided our designers with  jewelry pieces for the runway.

Since 2010, Senhoa Foundation (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) has established a number of programs that address the prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking and those vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

We are incredibly fortunate that all our overhead costs are covered by corporate grants and private fundraising initiatives. Therefore, 100% of public donations go directly towards field programs to serve those in need.

One of Senhoa’s programs is a jewelry training vocation. Senhoa jewelry pieces are individually handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking or young women vulnerable to sexual exploitation, and 100% of Senhoa jewelry profits go directly to the employment, rehabilitation and education of these young women.

To learn more, make a donation or purchase jewelry, please go to

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