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Yvon Lux

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Feel on top of the world at any height.

Yvon Lux is the lovechild of entrepreneur, Yvon Nguyen. As a busy CEO and community leader, she is always in search of fashionable and functional clothing that works for the boardroom, business, and social gatherings. Due to a petite frame and limited retail selections to “suit” her needs, this natural problem-solver becomes very resourceful with her shopping and learns how to make and customize her clothes. Inevitably, Yvon decides to take the reigns further and help other petite “profashionals” overcome the void of fitting luxury wear.

Yvon Lux clothing celebrates confidence, class, and curves with flattering forms and structured signature looks. Busy women and social butterflies will find Yvon Lux appealing from its sensual silhouette and empowered elegance. The collection to be featured at Viet Fashion Week is suitably named “Like A Boss”. You’ll find modern suits, cultured cocktail dresses, jaw-dropping jumpsuits, glamorous gowns, and jet-setting jackets.
As the fashion industry becomes more inclusive celebrating women of all sizes, there is still a need yet unmet. Yvon Lux is looking to revolutionize the industry by catering to ambitious and petite profashionals. Because her clothing caters to women of intelligence and integrity, you can be assured that Yvon Lux only uses uncompromised labor and implements ethical industry practices.