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Xuan Bui

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Xuan Bui was born in the United States but she still maintains her Vietnamese heritage in many ways.  Growing up she had always been crafty and creative. The women in her family are artistic and all have a trade in sewing.  Being exposed to their many talents, being creative came naturally to Xuan.  Xuan started learning to sew at a very young age by going to work with her mother when she was a part-time seamstress in Honolulu.  Xuan learned to use industrial sewing machines like Juki and Serger.  Her mother taught her embroidery so Xuan now uses that in her own work. She likes to explore her options using all sorts of materials and mediums.  Xuan had attended the Art Institute but found out early on that she wasn’t learning anything new that would help her creativity. She found that she can be inspired by the basic things she finds around her home. She also gets her inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and watching runway shows. 

Before joining Viet Fashion Week, Xuan worked as a freelance model and a celebrity nail stylist. Being a nail artist and a model was like a stepping stone into the fashion world since they have something in common. Xuan  enjoys seeing people wearing her nail designs but this didn’t seem to be enough. Like Nike slogan “Just do it,” Xuan decided to join Viet Fashion Week. Xuan is launching her very first collection to see where this opportunity will take her.   Xuan’s designs are Gothic Haute couture.  She wants to express her work  creatively with minimum sewing but more focused on hand crafting.