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B’Dazzled Swim

1712 S Santa Fe St

Santa Ana CA 92705


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Vicki Nguyen had always loved fashion early on. She found her talent as a young girl due to her struggles with finding clothes to fit her lanky figure. Finding clothing or swimsuits that fit was nearly impossible and the garments that fit, didn’t suit her taste. Vicki got creative and started to make her own clothes by taking everything apart and then re-cutting and re-sewing the pieces together. She found her time making clothes to be enjoyable and didn’t mind spending day and night working on them. Vicki has been making her own clothes ever since, turning her hobby into her full-time passion. Her designs come from instinct and just a serious passion for fun-loving hand-sewn garments. When it comes to designing, Vicki does whatever she wants and doesn’t pay much attention to what other designers are doing. This creative freedom is what makes her designs so unique. Vicki wanted an affordable swimsuit that was sexy and elegant, so she decided to design her own. Her first thought was to create something unique, “something that would allow women to show off their bodies, feel sexy, confident, be glamorous, flirty and fun all at the same time.” And because every woman is unique, each piece of swimwear should be able to reflect their individuality.

Bdazzled Swimwear creates avant-garde swimsuits designed for a modern day woman. A swimsuit that will invoke passion, sensuality and sexuality was what Vicki envisioned. Rather than just an ordinary swimsuit, Vicki wanted to steer away from the mundane one-piece or two-pieces of society’s norm and blend elements of upscale lingerie into her style. Compared to other bathing suits, B’Dazzled Swim’s trick to hiding flaws, are to design suits that would keep others noticing the gorgeous embellishments and uniqueness of the suit, rather than the individual’s flaws. Vicki’s signature Scrunched Bottom is a design that contours the bikini to your skin, flattering every sexy curve. Vicki is still the sole designer for B’Dazzled Swimwear and is constantly experimenting with sexy cuts and adding embellishments or hardware for it’s unique look. You’ll find B’Dazzled Swim gracing the beautiful bodies of the world’s sexiest women.