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Annie Migliore

for Marco Migliore

(860) 840-3168

350 East Main St.

Ansonia, CT 06401

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Annie Thu Migliore, is a formal wear designer for many successful brands until 2017 after the birth of her son Marco Minh Migliore. She decided to design for the every day women all over the world.

Annie has played many roles in her life, from being a CEO, to a a wife, and most blessing…a mother. She understands what woman need to feel comfortable in order to be successful. Annie feels that “a woman is what she wears,” so a woman needs to be her own stylist and to love what she wears to be successful at anything. “You must first love yourself, and loving yourself is also loving what you are expressing to the world.” Annie’s line is comfortable, stretchable, reliable, body contouring, wearable, on-the-go, can be mix and matched, and best of all it’s durable and long lasting.

Annie’s customers are women who are driven to be successful and love themselves. They love life, love what they are doing, and fall in love with themselves each time they put something on. That’s why Annie focuses mostly on textile. Her fabrics are friendly, stretchable, comfortable, that not only looks professional but are easy to wear and go. A woman can be running out the door with a slip on dress and throw on a belt, or a cotton trench coat with interesting detail, rolling up here sleeve and out the door. Annie wears every single piece of her own design to make sure they feel great in the inside but also look good on the outside based on the compliments she receives. Annie studies and learns the various body types by doing many trunk shows, runway shows, and interacting with millions of client through out these years over many different states and countries. “I hope Marco Migliore brand will bring you what you always been looking for, something that unique but yet powerful to your career and life.