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Quynn Atelier

2292 Shanna Carle Drive

Corona, CA 92882

(480) 253-9378

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Quynn showed an interested in fashion at the tender age of five, when she started making clothing for her teddy bears and dollies using bits of scrap fabrics. At age sixteen, she took on the challenge of creating her own dress for prom in high school. She later dabbled in the world of costume design, creating unique one of a kind creations. From then, Quynn was determined to turn her passionate hobby into a career.

Quynn envisions her couture line as very graceful, feminine, and eternally invigorating. She embraces vintage elegance with old-fashion European romance. She sees the body as a canvas wanting to be touch with all types of colors and textures. Each piece from her collection is custom-made carefully by hand in-studio to insure a flawless creation every time. Quynn is a dedicated animal lover and donates proceeds to animal shelters and rescue groups.