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Timothy Hoang

323 N Euclid St., Spc #22

Santa Ana, CA 92703


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One must be confident in order to be beautiful.

Tim Hoang has always embrace simplicity while incorporating elegance into his designs. Tim was born and raised in Vinh Long, Vietnam. The endless stream of Mekong River and the modest lifestyle of the people in Vinh Long had profoundly impacted his life. However, the extravagant aspect of fashion has always been an impractical dream to him. When his family came to the United States in 2006, Tim Hoang was introduced to many opportunities that made his dream possible.

At the age of 17, this talented youth has first launched his passion in draping. Many of his designs were showcased at various schools and showrooms. At the time, he has won the title of the best “Evening Garment” and “Best in Show” for  the Alamo Fashion Competition at Saddleback College for two years in a row. These initial recognitions had encouraged Tim to further his career in fashion. He is also a “recycling enthusiast”. Many people might question the extent of this term. Tim utilized recycled material into many of his evening gowns. This fresh idea has became one of his signatures. Tim Hoang is pursuing his Associate of Art in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.

Designing a piece of garment is similar to painting on a canvas. Only a certain type of ink or paint is compatible to the material of each canvas. A designer’s talent comes from his or her ability to make the best out of a woman’s body regardless of their flaws. “Imperfection” is the epitome of goodness.